Pay Truth Forward CD Set


The Pay Truth Foward™ 2 CD set – One CD for you, and one for you to Share!

The 2nd CD is in a gift package included inside the set that can be handed to a friend, or it can be mailed in the gift package.

This is a great way to “Pay Truth Forward”. There is nothing more important than your character. So, share the message!

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Get ready for the “Challenge of Your Life” and create Health, Wealth and Happiness through Uncompromising Integrity!

Truth and Integrity are gifts to be shared with those you really care about, as well as with anyone else that crosses your path. They may be spouses, children, friends, business associates, company executives, schools, civic organizations, churches, youth groups or prisons.

True strength of character is formed on the inside. Global change can happen when just one person decides to become part of the solution. The world needs leaders with Truth, Integrity, and Ethics. It is our responsibility to “Pay Truth Forward”, and that is why this product contains two (2) CD's and a gift envelope. One for you to enjoy, and one to package and gift to another.